Badmintonclub Den Haag - Mariahoeve

About the club and the members
Badmintonclub The Hague – Mariahoeve exists since 1977. Originally, only civil servants could become members of the club, but now the club is no longer connected to the government and every fanatical badminton player is welcome. The club has around 30 members of varying ages and a wide range of badminton experience. As a result, it is always possible to determine the teams in such a way that an exciting match follows.

About the matches
Games are played throughout the playing time. No training takes place. The matches consist of one set so that there is a quick exchange. There are five badminton courts available, of which usually 4 or 5 are occupied. You never have to wait long for a next game.

Activities and conviviality
After the badminton, some of the players go to the restaurant of Sportcentrum Mariahoeve to chat with a drink. A barbecue is usually organized in the summer.

Play times
Every Tuesday (except holidays) from 17.00 to 19.30. Starting later than 17.00 or ending earlier than 19.30 is not a problem. There is no summer break.

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