Lesson Regulations Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V.

Subscription Terms:

1) The Tennis Lessons are provided by Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V.

2) If not fully booked, It may be possible to join after the registration date. The group must be suitable.

3) Regular lessons take 60 minutes. The teacher teaches for 50 minutes.

4) Mini-lessons take 45 minutes. The teacher teaches for 40 minutes.

5) Lessons will be scheduled by the trainers and Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V. Schedules will be definitive at the beginning of the lesson season.

6) Our aim is to form the groups according to the participants wishes stated on the form, if this is not possible you will be contacted.

7) After registration full payment is required to a bailiffs order shall be issued pay failure. Any expenses will be charged to the applicant.

Absence / Expiration of Lessons:

8) A maximum of 2 lessons will be rescheduled due to weather circumstances. Once a Lesson has started it cannot be rescheduled.

9) When your trainer is ill or unable to attend the lesson, a replacement trainer will be arranged or the lesson will be rescheduled with the own trainer.

10) If the participant is ill or is unable to join the lesson, Refunds are never made. lessons will not be rescheduled.

11) If you are unable to attend your Lesson, early cancelation is wanted

12) When Full payment is not made, Trainers can decline a student to attend the lesson. These lesson will not be rescheduled.


13) Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V. will do anything in its ability to provide safe and good quality lessons.

14) Apart from tennis rules, tactics and gameplay, the trainer will pay attention to safety, fair play, rules and regulations, personal hygiene, and injury prevention.

General Rules:

15) The Lessons are personal. It is not possible to hand over lessons to a third party.

16) When you finish your course early, a refund is never issued. In case of long lasting injury or illness, it’s possible to hand over remaining lessons to a third party as long as this person suits in the group and the trainer agrees. Financial agreements are to be made by the participants.

17) You follow our lessons at your own risk. Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V. is not accountable for any injuries or damages.

18) If you have any questions please contact: Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V.

19) On any occasions not mentioned on this form, Tennispark Mariahoeve B.V. decides.