Squash at Sportcentrum Mariahoeve

Sportcentrum Mariahoeve has 5 squash courts. You can play squash with us in different ways:

You can rent rackets and balls at the bar.

Court Rental

Want to rent a squash court? You can book a court in several ways:

  • Online by pressing the “RESERVE” button
  • By phone 070 – 3857947
  • At the bar of the Sports Center

For €2.50 you rent a squash racket.
Squash ball can be borrowed.



Do you like to be challanged and stay fit? Or are you looking for a sport you can do with your friends? Sign up now and find out the joy of squash.

Squash lessons

Tessa ter Sluis

Tessa teaches squash to all ages and at all levels. More information or request a lesson? Contact via:

Phone number: 06 20670263

Email address: tessatersluis@hotmail.com

Type of lesson Price
1 or 2 players 30 minutes €25,-*
1 or 2 players 60 minutes €40,-*
*For non-members an additional €15 track rental will be added.

Carl Koenig

Since 2020, Carl Koenig has been providing squash lessons at the sports center. He teaches young and old and at every level. More information or request a lesson? Contact via:

Phone number: 06 44398997

E-mail address: carl_koenig@hotmail.com

Type of lesson Price
1 player 45 minutes €40,-
2 players 60 minutes €45,-

1 player package 6 lessons (at least 24 hours in advance of

sign out in advance)

2 player package 6 lessons (minimum 24 hours notice) €225,-

Squash competition

Would you enjoy playing squash against different players? Then join the squash competition! For members of Sportcentrum Mariahoeve, the competition is free. The competition is for all levels.

How does it work? We play in poules of 4 – 6 persons. After a round of 4 to 6 weeks, everyone within a pool has played each other once. The winner of the pool promotes, the last one relegates. And then another round of play begins. In you poule you will find players of a simular level and therefor the games stay fun. You plan you games when it suits you. A fun way to meet new players.

More info or sign up? Send an email to mauricevrolijk@ziggo.nl